1000 to 2012 or i'm back... ('cause i look good in the pulse feed)

that's me feeling all 'runner' wearing my arm warmers, which i finally got to use today for the first time (thanks to this unseasonal warm winter day.) after i put them on i said out loud 'today, i feel like a true runner' and mila said 'me too mom.' hey, pink fuzzy socks worn as arm warmers look as athletic as anything. take note deena kastor!

stats for today: 3.2mi in 43'00"80 or 13'26"25min/mi. so i'm not running any faster than when i was training for the marathon although i felt today i really pushed myself. but i'm cutting myself some slack because: 1. the last time i went out for a run was about 2 weeks ago and 2. i'm  carrying some serious pound overage from the holidays.

but today was a good day. i made good, conscious and healthy choices about my food and i went out for a run. so yeay me!