i'm back

ah, so many things have happened since my last post. let's see:

first, i ran 10 glorious miles a couple of weeks ago. i took forever but i did it! what an awesome feeling! the next day my body was back to normal, no aches, no pains, nothing. i felt on top of the world!

 the following week i decided to do some speed work for the first time. i decided that i wanted to do it on the treadmill where i could actually see how hard i was pushing myself. i did 4mi and felt great except for this little nagging pain on my hip which i though was normal soreness and it was going to go away. the next day i went for 5mi and ran the whole thing in pain, no fun! the day after that i wanted to try to do some more speed work and that's when it happened: my hip was hurting so bad that i couldn't go further than a mile! i stretched for a bit and then the possibility of not being able to complete this ...this 'life project'...this 'mission from god' (as my physician called it) crept up in my mind then my heart filled with fear and that's when i started bawling like crazy! the husband/coach tried to comfort me but i felt pretty defeated. i made an appointment to see the dr. on monday (this happened on a weekend.) on saturday i was resentful of every runner, and there were many around! the only thing that got me out of my funk was crazy kid's #1 awesome pre-birthday birthday party! his friends came and he had so much fun. i loved seeing him laugh so hard and play with his school buddies. it was just a great, great party! and i'm so greatful for all his wonderful friends and also omg! the boy scored some pretty great presents too!

on monday i went to see the dr., she's a runner too which is pretty cool (did i just called myself a runner? i gues i did.)  so definitely there was some muscle overuse, and i think it was the gluteus medius. the truth is i have no strong muscles in my body! i know, i know, i gotta get kicking with the weight training, but it's so easy to say 'oh maybe i'll do that tomorrow'... anywho... i'm guessing my gluteus medius looks like the one on the right when it would be most helpful if it looked like the one on the left. the dr.'s orders were to do some cross training (elliptical) and take a whole bunch of ibuprofen 3 times a day.

on top of this i had signed up for a race this coming sunday. my first race! a 10k! you can imagine i was pretty bummed at the thought of not being able to run it. but things are looking up today! per the h/c suggestion i went on a very short 3mi run. i did it slow people! slower than my regular slow but i was fine. i feel a bit of tightness and soreness but not enough to make me stop, my hamstring was bothering me more today, but i felt fine. so i think i'll try to run 4mi tomorrow and see how i feel, then i'll decide if i can do the 10k but i'm feeling pretty confident that i will. as soon as i got back from the run today i did the ice pack thing and rubbed some arnica on my hip and hamstring. i don't think i have ever taken such good care of my body, ever! and it feels pretty good to care that much!

stats for the day: distance - 3mi  time - 46min27sec or pace -14min31sec/mile

tomorrow: 4mi

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  1. Anonymous2:46 PM

    OUCH! Glad that you are on the road to recovery. I hope that you are able to compete in your 10K, because I can't wait to read about it!