week1-day2: 4mi.

so today i felt really committed to this, like a 'real runner' if you will, because today i had to go out and run in the rain. and no, i didn't want to, i was making all kinds of excuses for myself, like i can get sick, i'm just coming out of a horrible episode of strep throat and blah, blah, blah but the husband/coach made an executive decision and sent me out in the cold rain with and oversize anorak and a baseball cap.

i have to say that i kind of liked it. it was cool and very quiet, the trail was completely empty (o.k. one person, i saw one scary looking dude, he wasn't running, just walking in the rain.) i guess the only thing i didn't enjoy was towards the end where there were more puddles and water was getting in my shoes and i could feel my socks getting really wet, and you know how wet socks beget blisters, but since it was during the last 1/2mile i was fine.

all in all another enjoyable run. time wise i did better today too, although i still haven't gotten down the whole pace thing. this time i ran the first mile really, really sloooow and then i picked up the pace to a comfortable speed. so my time today was 53min19sec which is an average of 13min20sec/mile still slow but much better than my 14min26sec/mile of yesterday.

tomorrow: 3mi.

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  1. Anonymous8:00 PM

    "fighting" the weather makes a run more cool and meaningful... like rocky training out in the snow in russia! mpp