week1-day3: 3mi.

this is going to be a short one because i'm about to pass out in front of the computer.

i went for my 3mi run with a neighbor. we had agreed to meet at 8pm and while i was putting my kids to bed and i layed down on the bed to read them a bed time story i was deeply regretting the commitment, staying in a horizontal postition seemed way more attractive at the time. but i picked  myself up and met my running buddy and we ran for 3mi and i loved it! every time i've ran this week the circumstances have been so different but all so cool in their own right. the sun was setting so everything looked so warm and yellow and there was a nice night breeze and my running buddy helped me keep a steady pace, i had to push myself because she was running a bit faster than i'm used to but it was great! oh yeah, and it was the first time that i swallowed a gnat... gross!

my time was 38min51sec or a 12min57sec/mile.

tomorrow: i rest :)


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